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Valorant's new agent teased along with release details

Published: 21:15, 29 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - New agent silhouette
Valorant - New agent silhouette

Anna Donlon revealed a bunch of new info regarding the future of Valorant, such as the teaser for the new agent and intervals when to expect them and all the subsequent ones.

Valorant's executive producer, Anna Donlon took to Twitter to reveal what the game's future will look like and how it will work. Besides the obvious necessities like the ranked mode, she touched upon some quality of life changes and future agents.

Our guess is that everyone is more interested in future agents so here are our takeouts. There is currently no clear image, name or ability details for the next agent in Valorant. However, the teaser shown during the video featured a silhouette of the next agent, standing next to Reyna.

Furthermore, you can see the agent will be released in Act 2 of Episode 1, which Riot's shot-caller explained the structure of as well. An Episode will last for six months and will feature three Acts, with each of them having a major content drop. Most notably, each Act will introduce a new agent which means we will have three new agents per Episode or six new agents per year.

That said, this tempo is not set in stone. Donlon noted that the devs will aim to release agents either more or less frequently, depending on player feedback. It just so happens that six agents per year is the current sweet spot.

Considering that Reyna was released on June 2, 2020, it means we are still at least one month away from the next agent's release date. 

The Episodes will also serve to tell more of the story in Valorant, with the second one apparently featuring much more content on that side than the first Episode. Some of the examples of what will be revealed in the future include the disaster that happened in Venice and what the glowy boxes are on the maps.

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