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Valorant's Neon seems to have a rather powerful vision blocking too

Published: 15:31, 06 January 2022
Riot Games
Valorant - Neon
Valorant - Neon

Riot Games are slowly releasing more information about the upcoming Valorant Agent, named Neon, and the latest trailer shows her having an extremely good visual control ability.

Valorant balance hangs on the power of the individual Agents who can upset it by becoming overbearing but also if one overshadows another. The trailer for Neon suggested she might eclipse Viper but keep in mind these two are likely to have different roles and serve different purposes.

Namely, the trailer that you can see below showcases some of Neon's abilities, one of them being a wall that is highly similar to Viper's but it can be deployed without having to set it up so you don't have to waste a few seconds at the beginning of the round doing so. Furthermore, Neon's wall is doubled so it protects from enemy vision from both sides, making her invaluable when invading sites, especially B on Split, which is shown in the video.

However, the rest of her kit suggests Neon is going to have a role that is more offensive and the fact we don't know the particulars of balancing this ability will probably mean Viper's place is safe among the teams who utilise her vision denial. It might turn out to be expensive and not as available as Toxin Screen, time will tell.

Neon also seems more geared towards being a Duelist that is an alternate take on high-mobility characters like Jett. Whatever the case, the new Agent is bound to shake up the meta when she launches.

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