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Valorant's chain of esports events, Ignition Series, announced

Published: 00:32, 18 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant Sova splashart
Agent Sova, the hunter

Riot Games announced Ignition Series which will be the company's way of supporting the growing esports ecosystem for Valorant.

Valorant doesn't have official regional leagues organised yet but there are tournaments happening all over the globe already. Riot Games are currently in a bit of a predicament since they can't kick off any international events and will have trouble booting up regional leagues due to Covid-19 pandemic but they recently presented Ignition Series, which will be their way of supporting the esports scene for the time being.

This comes on the back of hundreds of tournaments and invitationals that apparently took place during the beta itself. From the official release onward, it would probably be smooth sailing for Valorant but the aforementioned pandemic limited the growth to localised tournaments.

It is these tournaments that will be supported by Ignition Series which is really a Riot Games partner program where the company will spotlight "a few tournaments each week, help discover talented players and build global recognition" for valorant teams and individual players.

What this means for the pros is that they will not be left hanging due to the lack of international tournaments. For the regular players who enjoy watching esports events, it means that there will be a lot of content to consume on the official streams.

Ignition Series will have events in North America, Brazil, Latin America, Korea, Japan, South East Asia, Oceania, Europe, Russia, Turkey and the Middle East.

All the tournaments supported by Ignition Series will be signal boosted through Riot's channels, a dedicated page with regularly updated schedule and tips on organising the tournaments for the organisers they can keep improving, week in, week out.

You can check out the full announcement on the official website.

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