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Valorant will not have loot boxes, or MacOS support

Published: 18:26, 06 April 2020
Riot Games
Showcase of Sova's abilities in Valorant

Riot Games are revealing more details about Valorant and their direction as the closed beta approaches and they have made it known that no loot boxes are in the team's plans but there are also no plans other things, like MacOS.

Loot boxes are the plague of the modern gaming world, having been born out of sheer attempts to pull as much money as possible out of players while offering minimal if any rewards. Thankfully, more and more developers are straying away from this practice and Riot Games are one of them.

According to Ana Donlon, the executive producer, and Joe Ziegler, the game director of Valorant, the team currently has no plans to introduce loot boxes to the shooter.

This means that the likes of CS:GO crates will not be present in the game, or at least not the paid ones. The information comes from the interview the duo had with DrLupo, which you can find embedded below.

Another information they divulged is that they are completely focused on the PC version of Valorant so there are no console plans at this time. However, the expansion to more platforms is not excluded for the future plans. 

It seems like the team is absolutely focused on PC right now though since not even macOS support is in the works. Donlon and Ziegler did note that support for these systems might be a possibility, should enough of a need arise.

Considering the interview lasted for likely more than an hour as the cut-up version is just under 60 minutes, one would assume there would be a lot of worthwhile information - and one would be right. The project leads talked more about the planned anti-cheat system with fog of war, so make sure you check it out.

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