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Valorant was balanced with Killjoy and Raze around for four years apparently

Published: 17:59, 30 July 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Killjoy
Valorant - Killjoy

Damage-dealing agents are controversial in Valorant and Killjoy sparked discussion once again, which prompted Morello to reveal that she existed for about four years now and balancing around her isn't new to the team.

Raze was introduced to Valorant a bit later than the other agents, with only Reyna being newer than her. However, the Raze turned out to be rather oppressive to the enemy team due to too much damage that could be derived from her abilities and Riot nerfed her several times over by now.

Therefore, it's not exactly odd that everyone got spooked with Killjoy's reveal since this agent can cause damage with several abilities as well. Her Alarmbot is somewhat similar to Raze's Boom Bot although it appears it doesn't instantly kill enemies. Nanoswarm is also something that appears to be heavy in damage dealing department and to top it off, there is the autonomous turret that can shoot enemies.

Adding a turret that aims on its own to a game that puts so much emphasis on good player aim couldn't be anything but controversial and the community descended upon Riot games soon after the abilities were revealed.

More prominent voices also chimed in, including Hiko and now Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez , the owner and CEO of G2 Esports. It was the latter's tweet that Ryan "Morello" Scott responded to with some insight about the problematic damage-dealing agents.

According to him, both Raze and Kiljoy were present for over four years in a state "almost as they are [now]" He continued by stating that Valorant was balanced with them as part of it, probably in an attempt to state the balance team is capable of keeping these agents in check.

However, the state in which Raze was released has many worried that the balance could still be a major issue with damage dealers.

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