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Valorant update buffs Viper again and nerfs Raze's ulti

Published: 00:03, 22 July 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Raze
Valorant - Raze

Valorant update 1.04 has kicked in and Viper is seeing some more buffs to get her up to speed while Raze's rocket launcher is getting slowed down.

Raze has been a controversial agent ever since her introduction to Valorant, partially because Riot folks were pretty big on the whole "abilities don't kill" thing and that's exactly what all of this agent's abilities could do.

She has already seen some nerfs and changes, including the way her grenade charging works but that was apparently not enough. Patch 1.04 saw a nerf to her ultimate, which is still just as devastating as before but it will take more effort to get it charged since the cost is now up to seven ult points.

Meanwhile, Viper is on the opposite end of the spectrum as she received another batch of buffs. She will now have more freedom when roaming outside her ult as it will now dissipate after 12 seconds of Viper not being in the zone, up from the previous five seconds. She can also manually turn the ult off by holding the key it's assigned to.

Furthermore, it will be harder for enemies to spot her inside Viper's Pit now since those who enter won't be able to show her location on the allies' minimap. Additionally, being in an opposing Viper's Pit will obscure your minimap.

While the additional red glow at the edge of Viper's detection site in the ult may be a minor buff, it combines well with additional info denial from the rest of the ult buffs. 

Decay that happens from Poison Orb, wall and Viper's Pit has been accelerated by 50 per cent and the lowered health will persist for up to 2.5 seconds after leaving the dangerous area.

This is a great buff for Viper's ability to deny areas to her opponents but it was further enhanced by Orb and wall not consuming additional fuel when both are active.


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Furthermore, Viper should see more play since Brimstone's ult was nerfed the same way Raze got hit so that controller spot should a bit more open now.

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