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Valorant: Sage and Cypher get another round of nerfs

Published: 22:03, 12 May 2020
Project A leaked screenshot showing a female hero
Project A leaked screenshot

Valorant's patch 0.50 rolled out with another set of nerfs for Sage and Cypher while several other agents received direct or indirect buffs. Rifles and machine guns were also rebalanced.

Raze may be the annoying agent but Sage is the OP one. Both Riot and the community recognised this and the healer got another set of nerfs since her Slow Orb duration was cut by two seconds and the slow effect is down to 50 per cent speed reduction as opposed to 65 per cent.

Meanwhile, Cypher is also one of the stronger champions due to being invaluable at intel gathering. His cage will no longer slow enemies since he could act as a strong controller, which is something Sova can't compete with. Furthermore, the Spycam cooldown has been increased from 30 to 45 seconds in order to make the positioning choice more strategic.

Viper, Brimstone and Phoenix received indirect buffs since their damaging abilities that are placed on the floor will tick faster and the required height to negate their effects has been increased. This is meant to limit the benefits of bunny hopping across these fields and make them more consistent. Viper's Snake Bite also received an increase in AoE diameter to bring it in line with other agents' similar abilities.

Omen received several buffs to Dark Cover in order to give him a better chance to compete with Brimstone who appears to be the Controller king at the moment.

Rifles have received several updates which should make tap and burst fire more consistent as opposed to spraying. Machine guns are meant to be used for spraying though and some buffs were added to make them able to compete with ARs.


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You can check out the full list of changes on the official Valorant patch notes , along with the Split alterations which should give attackers more of an opportunity to win the round.

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