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Valorant ranked mode will be available in beta, SBMM confirmed for casual

Published: 20:33, 06 April 2020
Riot Games

Riot Games are known for their success while chasing the competitive side of gaming and they are aiming to continue with Valorant as they confirmed the game's ranked mode will get tested during beta while casual will have skill based matchmaking.

Some games don't have skill based matchmaking in casual modes or even in some of the modes that entice the best of the best to take part, resulting in issues like the ones with Destiny 2's woes when Trials of Osiris was released.

The competitive part caused Riot issues in the past but they are overshadowed by the enormous success of League of Legends as an esport and it's for that reason that focus on the same in Valorant is not a surprise.

Namely, the ranked mode will kick off while closed beta is running and the players will have an opportunity to quantify their quality just a few weeks from now. Ana Donlon and Joe Ziegler told DrLupo that the ranked mode will not be immediately available as the closed beta launches on 7 April 2020 but it will "occur a couple weeks in" as Riot wants the players to learn the game first, without having the pressure of the rank looming over them.

Those who prefer to group up with friends and go ranked will have their matchmaking altered a bit. However, Ziegler stated that the alterations will be there to just make it more fair to the solo players, without punishing the grouped ones.

Meanwhile, unranked matches will have skill-based matchmaking, which should prevent pub stomping. This will likely be one of the best selling points to the players who are not coming from CS:GO as they are said to have a major advantage due to the similarities with Valorant.

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