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Valorant ranked is coming next week

Published: 13:19, 18 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Breach
Valorant - Breach

Valorant's ranked mode now has a release window but the exact date still remains a slight mystery. Players will finally be able to quantify their growth in the game, after waiting for the mode's return since beta.

Riot Games didn't officially post an announcement of the ranked mode returning to Valorant just yet, probably because they want the players to keep practising in a less stressful environment before it comes back. 

Joe "Riot Ziegler" Ziegler, on the other hand, let loose a snippet of information that states the team is working on releasing Rated, or ranked if you prefer, is likely to be out next week. The tweet in question happened on Monday, June 15, which means the "next week" refers to the one starting with Monday, June 22.

Keep in mind that the wording on the tweet still leaves some room for doubt as it's not a 100 per cent promise.

With that in mind, you will have roughly five days from the posting of this article to brush up on those Jett skills before tilting everyone in your team when ranked finally comes around. Alternatively, you could brush up on Reyna skills and tilt the opposing team.

Considering that Valorant released at the start of June 2020, the ranked ladder is not exactly late. Riot did something similar during the closed beta when they wouldn't initially release the mode because they wanted players to get familiar with the mechanics before they could effectively compete with each other.

Those who don't like the stress of ranks going up and down can still enjoy the regular playlist, along with Spike Rush which allows for lower downtime in case you get killed a lot.

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