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Valorant introduces Elderflame skin line, priced at $100 or even more

Published: 14:05, 09 July 2020
Updated: 14:07, 09 July 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Elderflame
Valorant - Elderflame

Riot Games released a trailer for the new Elderflame skin pack in Valorant which costs slightly less than $100 but a few hoops later, you will definitely have to shell out that much.

Valorant's skin packs have been described as overpriced previously when with a single knife skin costing around $35 or skin collections up to ~$71. Riot Games set a new record with the introduction of Elderflame skin line, which can be purchased in a bundle that technically costs less than $100 but since you can't pay directly with money, you will still need to shell out that much or even more.

This is because the skins are classified as Ultra Edition skins, each selling for 2,475 VP which translates to roughly $25 but it's hard to pinpoint the exact value in real-life currency due to the different pricing that depends on the amount of VP you purchase in one go.

The highest amount of VP per dollar spent comes from the 11,000 VP bundle which costs $100. If we go by this calculation where the virtual currency is the cheapest, it would mean that the total of 9,900 VP necessary for four Elderflame skins would technically be cheaper than $100 but there is no way to buy exactly that amount. No matter what you do, you will have to drop at least $100 to accrue enough VP to pay for these skins.

Joe Lee, Valorant's revenue lead, mentioned only four skins in his calculations but the wiki lists five skins that will be available in total. It remains to be seen whether the bundle will include all of them, have a discount so it's 9,900 VP but if you buy five of them separately, you are bound to spend more than $100.

Additionally, there are the Radianite points that are used to evolve certain skins and they themselves cost a small fortune unless obtained from the season pass. Overall, it's safe to say this skin line will cost as much as two AAA games when all is said and done.

Such pricing always draws questions on why Riot made the costs so high but the fact is that they wouldn't do it if enough people weren't paying such obscene amounts of money for cosmetics.

Elderflame skins will become available on July 10, 2020.

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