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Valorant gets deathmatch in the new update

Published: 16:45, 04 August 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Omen
Valorant - Omen

Valorant's Act I has concluded with update 1.05 which simultaneously kicked off Act II and brought along a ton of changes as well as a new game mode - free for all deathmatch.

FFA deathmatch has been one of the more requested features in Valorant and Riot Games have obliged the players by adding it with update 1.05 . The mode is not complete yet though and the beta will have several testing windows that the players can participate in.

August 5 will mark the opening of the first beta window when Valorant players will be able to test it out. The beta test itself will serve to "evaluate game performance and stability".

This mode will be a lot like the deathmatch servers we already know from Counter-Strike games since agents will not be able to use any skills - it's a shooting gallery for everyone. On the topic of agents, each player will load in as a random agent they own.

Everyone will get heavy armour each time they spawn and will be able to purchase any weapons they like since the money will be unlimited. 

Deathmatch will see 10 players getting into a game, each of them attempting to be the first to reach 30 kills. Should no one reach that many kills within six minutes, the winner will be the kill leader.

To help the goal of reaching the kill limit without dying, players will be able to pick up health kits that spawn from enemies they kill, which will return them to full HP and reload their weapons.


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The six-minute limit might seem a bit harsh but there will be a periodic reveal of everyone's position on the radar so expect things to get hectic and kills to happen extremely quickly.

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