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Valorant: Cypher's weaponised camera has been fixed

Published: 13:54, 15 April 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Cypher
Valorant - Cypher

Riot Games ran into the first game-breaking bug in Valorant's beta recently as players discovered that Cypher could give one of his weapon to his attachable camera.

Some Valorant agents are not the fan favourites because their abilities do damage, like Raze for example, who can instantly pop a full health and shield agent with her ultimate. However, some gained lethal abilities through bugs, like the resident hacker, Cypher.

The white-hat hacker turned malicious when he discovered that he could throw a weapon at his camera, which would then equip it. Upon peeking through a camera, Cypher can normally shoot a dart that will ping the enemy location but when it got armed thanks to the bug, it would instead shoot the weapon's projectiles.

As you can imagine, people figured this would be an extremely efficient but illegal way to protect bomb sites or the bomb, or spike if you will, and started abusing the bug. Riot sprung into action fairly quickly and deployed a hotfix that made the camera less lethal in such situations. In other words, the camera will no longer pick up weapons thrown at it.

If you didn't encounter the bug yourself and wish to see what it was like in action, you can consult the video that is embedded below. It's filled with memes so it might be entertaining as well as educational.

The hotfix also patched up several map exploits and the issue where sounds would stop working after consecutive games.

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