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Valorant cheater gets banned days into the beta

Published: 17:20, 10 April 2020

Riot Games' marketing campaign for Valorant included hefty expectations of the new in-house anti-cheat and it seems like it's already paying off as a ban kicked in just two days after the beta started.

Valorant is proving to have a successful start as Riot Games are enjoying the top of Twitch viewership for the fourth day in a row, constantly reaching over one million concurrent viewers in the process.

Some of the viewers have multiple Riot and Twitch accounts linked in hopes of farming accounts but the former already took precautions regarding this beta entitlement cheating and they are actively banning accounts that are being sold as a result. However, that is not all of the cheating Riot are putting down.

A large part of their marketing campaign for Valorant revolved around the strong anti-cheat system the developers put in place and it was on 9 April 2020 that Riot officially reported it catching someone red-handed.

According to Paul Chamberlain, Riot's lead on the anti-cheat software in Valorant, the first cheater has already been found and banned even though the game hasn't even seen an actual release. What is even sadder is that this person is not the sole perpetrator as more bans are on the horizon. 

Chamberlain had hoped to not have to do it so soon after the beta started but noted that the team is ready for the war on cheaters.

Therefore, if someone is offering you cheats or accounts for Valorant, do stay away as you will just throw your money down the drain since both sold accounts and those incorporating illegal advantages are target for termination.

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