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Valorant battle pass will not arrive in closed beta

Published: 00:00, 30 April 2020
Riot Games

Riot Games revealed more about their monetisation plans for Valorant, expanded on the state of the store and noted that we will not see a battle pass until release.

Valorant is in closed beta and Riot Games didn't just jump neck deep into monetisation as the store itself is also a work in progress. They recently released a blog post showing some of their thoughts regarding the store and other types of monetisation in the game.

Battle pass is the biggest takeaway from Riot's post, where the developers confirmed that it will not arrive until the full release. Those who hoped it would come along during beta might be disappointed but it seems like all the efforts now are on making the game stable and esports ready.

As per usual, the battle pass will let players earn cosmetics through gameplay, with a set price upfront. The post doesn't mention anything about the battle pass price but it does confirm there will be a free and paid track. 

Those who played Valorant so far will know that the skins only apply to weapons and not the agents. Some of the reasons were revealed by Riot, stating that since this is an FPS game, players will spend a lot of time looking at their weapons so it made sense to make them the primary source of customisation.


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Furthermore, there is a heavy accent on not giving players and gameplay advantage through these cosmetics, and if any happen they will be accidental. Considering that customising the looks of an agent could have an effect on the players' ability to detect them, it would be challenging to create visual alterations that don't meddle with gameplay aspects. That said, Riot promised that if any cosmetics cross this line, they will be adjusted.

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