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Valorant bans carried over from beta to launch, cheaters desperate

Published: 00:21, 03 June 2020

Riot Vanguard, the controversial anti-cheat, seems to be doing its job rather well as new images of desperate cheaters' pleas on Discord and forums just keep popping up.

Riot's anti-cheat solution for Valorant, the infamous Vanguard, seems to be on two polar opposite sides of the story these days. There is the version where people are absolutely sure it shouldn't run at all times and be that intrusive overall and then there are those singing its praises due to the anti-cheat's effectiveness.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle, like in many other things but for now it is providing us with the sweet tears of those who attempted to cheat during the beta.

As it turns out, Riot didn't suddenly reverse all the hardware ID bans, despite the cheaters thinking they would. In other words, people who cheated on a certain rig are still getting banned, regardless of how many accounts they create.

Anti-Cheat PD, the community that tends to post screenshots of cheaters' woes had another go with those desperate to cheat in Valorant. Since Vanguard became automated, it has banned accounts made by previous cheaters in time frames ranging from 11 rounds in match to as little as five minutes of being AFK in a menu.

If you want to check all the cries of desperate cheaters and complaints about HWID bans not being listed, you can do so on ACPD's Twitter post .


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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM

One must admit - it's really nice to see cheaters on the receiving end, consistently.

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