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Valorant ban wave goes out, puts cheat makers out of business

Published: 17:53, 19 May 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone
Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone

Riot Games announced another ban wave in Valorant, this time hitting around 1,600 accounts which prompted cheaters to start raging and some cheat makers even into rage quitting.

Vanguard, Valorant's anti-cheat software saw some controversy due to being intrusive as it runs on kernel level even when one is not playing the game. However, it seems to be doing its job extremely well so far since cheaters are sometimes detected minutes into the game and promptly removed from the virtual premises.

While some of the concerns about Vanguard were genuine and made by people who are wary of the possibility of someone harming their computer, many complaints were likely lodged by cheaters and cheat makers.

Their animosity towards Riot employees was already known by the time the ban wave with 9,000 cheaters being removed came around but Philip Koskinas seems to enjoy it as he announced that another 1,600 accounts have gone missing , courtesy of employing illegal software.

Koskinas' creative ways of relaying such information certainly brought him fame with Valorant fans but also hate from the cheaters. The convos between the cheaters and cheat makers are usually not visible to the wider public but Overwatch Police Department made sure we can get a few good laughs out of their misery.

In case you are unaware, OWPD is dedicated to calling out cheaters and cheat makers as well as providing ways to actively combat them. This time around, they made a compilation of hate messages towards Koskinas along with desperate cries due to being unable to cheat for long in Valorant. 

You can even see some cheat makers advising their customers not to play Valorant or even stating that they are ceasing their efforts of trying to create an undetectable cheat.

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