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Valorant anti-cheat tracks hackers' "souls through time"

Published: 10:34, 08 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Omen
Valorant - Omen

Valorant's anti-cheat system Vanguard has been doing great work for Riot Games, who said they track the cheaters' souls through time in order to keep them away.

A lot of dust has been kicked up over Vanguard's kernel privileges, but Riot were clearly not the ones to watch out for here. In hindsight, maybe it was worth trusting a company that runs one of the most renowned esports IPs, but I digress. 

Riot normally refrained from giving out details on their methods, but Valorant's anti-cheat lead Paul Chamberlain recently shed light on part of the process. 

"Most cheating account bans also come with a hardware ban, meaning we track their souls through time and space and ban them again when they try to re-enter the game with a fake mustache", he told IGN. Which is exactly how anti-cheat leads in games like Valorant should speak - somebody make it an official rule, please.

In their latest round of bans, Riot removed two hundred offenders, most of them with the aforementioned hardware bans. 

Unfortunately for those poor, unfortunate souls, the end of Valorant's beta didn't earn them a clean slate that they expected. Apparently though, not all of them are indefinite. 

"I can’t reveal too much here, but I will say that not all of these bans are permanent, and we do periodically review them to lift specific ones. At release, we have reviewed all existing hardware bans and unbanned some of the less egregious offenders. We are not planning to remove any more hardware bans until our next periodic review", he said. 

Riot Games Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone Valorant - Phoenix and Brimstone

Of course, the war on cheaters is an ongoing affair but Riot really came in swinging from the start, which hopefully earns Valorant the sort of breathing room not many games get. 


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