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Valorant's 1.01 Patch nerfs Sage and adds a Golden Gun to Spike Rush

Published: 15:11, 09 June 2020
Riot Games
Valorant - Sage trailer screenshot
Valorant - Sage

Valorant's new patch has nerfed Sage's Barrier Orb a bit. New Orb types have been added to the Spike Rush game mode and this includes the perfectly accurate Golden Gun Orb.

Valorant's devs have some new patch notes for us this week. There are some new Orb types to play with in the new Spike Rush mode and a Golden Gun Orb that lets you one-shot anybody.

Sage's Barrier Orb cast range was reduced from 20 to 10 meters. This will let Sage defend the territory she and her team already control as opposed to using the orbs to claim neutral ground.

Ascent was updated so the map no longer has weapons falling through the world. Additionally, the map's flanks were repaired and there will be no more issues with wall penetration.

Spike Rush game mode was updated to have a set of 5 randomly selected orbs. The Full Ultimate orb will always be available and 4 of the remaining 7 orb types will be chosen at random. The chosen orb types will be displayed in a description widget both in character select and during pre-round.


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New Orb Types

  • Health Orb - Grants teamwide health regen (instant).
    • 20-second duration.
    • 12 HP per second (3HP per tick).
    • SFX/VFX only play while healing.
  • Deception Orb - Applies "Paranoia" to the enemy team 3 seconds after capture.
    • 10-second debuff.
    • Vision is greatly reduced (and a small Field of Vision shift).
    • Fake footsteps and gunfire play for affected players.
    • Minimap is disabled.
  • Golden Gun - Grants capturing player a Golden Gun.
    • One-shot, one-kill.
    • Perfectly accurate at all times.
    • The agent moves at knife speed.
    • Only has a single bullet in the chamber and 2 backup rounds.
    • Kills grant an additional round.

Additional performance and quality of life updates can be found here .

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