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Dota Underlords update likely to make you rethink your strategies

Published: 16:46, 19 July 2019
Updated: 18:24, 19 July 2019
Image of Axe character from Dota underlords balancing a lot of plates
Dota Underlords

Valve's Dota Underlords team have detailed the changes set to arrive with its mid-season gameplay update. Most of them are synergy, item, and unit balance reworks, along with the implementation of Proto pass customisation unlocks.

Dota Underlords is set to receive a major update. While the developers have neglected to mention when exactly the update will land beyond the "usual time", it will probably arrive sometime during the weekend.

Nearly every hero currently present in the game will get a thorough round of tweaking likely changing the current state of the meta considerably.

Alliances have also seen major changes. All of them have received nerfs and buffs of one sort or another, and some units have been shuffled around between different camps.

Notably, Enigma will go from being a Primordial Warlock to Primordial Shaman, and Tidehunter from Scaled Hunter to Scaled Warrior.

Global items affecting entire Alliances now have their own category outside the regular item tier list. These items will be randomly shuffled into the item lists on tiers 1-3 at the start of each game and will have different bonus values depending on which tier they lande in. This means that two players could have the same set of Alliance items, but a different impact on their heroes in terms of magnitude.

The Loot rounds players will be getting these items from will now show more info on screen regarding odds and item tiers. That welcome change is just the first part, as the beef of the matter is that losing a loot round will no longer reduce the number of item choices, but rather their tier, so winning loot rounds will allow access higher tier items.

Neutral waves in Loot rounds have also seen some changes to their HP, and several items have been shifted to different tiers.

For everyone fed up with looking at the same shady back-alley game board currently in use, the developers have included a new board type called Path to Sunbreeze.

The update will also enable the customisation tab in the main menu, allowing players to apply cosmetic rewards unlocked through .

Valve Screenshot of game board of dota underlords showing heroes in combat and bench Dota Underlords

It would be quite an undertaking to untangle all the changes without seeing them in action, but if you really want to plan ahead of the update, then Valve .

There's no mention of the titular Underlords or any new heroes for this outside of what could be harvested via , but they are likely to be added to the game in some form before Valve start monetising. 

Mobile players can also look forward to improved performance and less punishment on the batteries of their devices for iOS and Android.

For the tech-savvy among you, Valve have elaborated on their work under the hood with "Removed code that caused crashes and kept code that doesn't cause crashes".


Dota Underlords, Valve's latest addition to the Dotaverse

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