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Udyr rework finally seems to be on the table for League of Legends

Published: 11:32, 01 September 2020
Riot Games
League of Legends - Udyr
League of Legends - Udyr

Riot Games' lead gameplay designer for League of Legends recently tweeted about a potential Udyr rework, which could be a VGU of varying proportions.

League of Legends junglers have been asking for a rework on Udyr for years now, although many would have been happy with just visual upgrades since this is one of the few champions that have outdated models. While not a member of the pizza feet club, his model rework has been overdue for long enough.

It seems like Riot Games have had it with the old Udyr and Mark "Riot Scruffy" Yetter is now asking fans whether they would prefer a Visual and Gameplay Update (VGU) that sticks to the character's core or a complete overhaul.

In the case of sticking to Udyr's core, it would mean he would stay a shaman that is heavily reliant on channelling spirits of the wild while dealing melee damage after the rework, just like Fiddlesticks remained a demon-possessed scarecrow that tends to rely on instilling fear in his opponents.

If a decision to go for a full overhaul were to be made, the VGU would go down the road of Sion, who could be played as an AD hyper carry or AP burst mage before the rework. Now, however, he is pretty much always a tank, with the rare possibility of building lethality for fun builds.

You can go to Yetter's Twitter post, embedded below, and leave your feedback as it now seems the VGU team is focusing on Udyr and would like to see what the fans prefer.

Keep in mind that we are likely at least one year away from the day the rework goes live since the process occurred in a similar time frame between the voting for Volibear and FIddle reworks until the bear's new fashion was introduced to Fields of Justice. 

Technically, Udyr is just one champion as opposed to the two mentioned but due to this stance shifting nature, it's highly possible this rework might take longer than usual.

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