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Tyranny has received a DLC pack and a full expansion is coming soon

Published: 12:24, 14 June 2017
Updated: 12:30, 14 June 2017
Tyranny: Bastard's Wound

Tyranny just received a DLC pack adding more encounters, a New Game Plus mode along with various other bits and a full expansion titled Bastard's Wound is coming soon.

One of the more frequent complaints reviewers had with Obsidian's Tyranny was that there just wasn't enough of it. The game was somewhat short, when not accounting for its replay value, and especially when compared to its infinity revival . These issues have now been addressed, with the new Tales from the Tiers DLC adding more content and making more playthroughts less of a hassle thanks to a New Game Plus mode.

Obsidian Entertainment Promotional picture for Tyranny DLC Tales from the Tiers Tyranny: Tales from the Tiers DLC

The release of the DLC has brought a 50 per cent reduced sale with it on and , making the game more affordable for around £19 at the time of writting.

More importantly, the DLC release was accompanied by the announcement of a full expansion that is coming soon, which we presume means sometime this year. The upcoming expansion will carry the title Bastard's Wound and promises to open up a new area where refugees have hidden from Kyros the Overlord.

"Featuring new characters and storylines, Bastard’s Wound takes a closer look at the race of the Beastmen, the fate of the refugee settlements, and all-new companion quests featuring three of Tyranny’s most memorable party members: Verse, Barik, and Lantry. Bastard’s Wound will also arrive alongside a free update to Tyranny, including new voice acting, expanded content in the game’s third act, and an all-new path to an unseen ending", was announced by Obsidian and Paradox.


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