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Toxic CS:GO players will get auto muted in the future

Published: 13:43, 10 February 2020
Counter-Strike: GO

Valve recently unveiled a new way to combat toxicity in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that would let players automatically mute the toxic ones without muting others, who could potentially be useful. There are also measures in place to prevent system abuse.

Dealing with toxicity in CS:GO might just become easier for the players as Valve are looking automate player muting. Namely, if someone is getting a lot of reports in a small time frame, that someone will have trouble passing information to their teammates, be it useful calls or otherwise.

The reason for this will be auto muting function that will make the players with numerous reports muted at the start of a match for everyone in their team. However, if someone is feeling overly optimistic, they can manually unmute the player and hope for feedback that doesn't involve relatives combined with wishes of wild sex life and threats of decapitation.

Toxic players that get auto muted will be able to do the time while playing the game. Despite CS series being about law elite law enforcement versus terrorists, Valve will not implement an actual jail to send toxic participants to. They will simply need to earn enough experience through playing the game in order to get unmuted.

Since this it should pinpoint those who get reported often by reputable accounts instead of blanket muting everyone. The "reputable" accounts are defined as the ones that play more often and don't report too frequently. On the other side of the spectrum, the voice those who spam the report button will not be as important in Valve's ban choosing so keep that in mind if you want to keep your games clean.

This new system reminds of chat squelching in Overwatch in many ways but it remains to be seen whether Valve will decide to go the funny route and with wishes of getting more hugs.

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