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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive enrages players by retiring bots from competitive

Published: 22:31, 09 January 2021
Valve updates CS:GO's UI
Counter Strike: Global Offensive Panorama UI

Valve decided to remove bots from competitive matches in CS:GO, resulting in the players' despair as one of the most useful features was deleted just like that.

Bots usually bring negative connotations in online gaming but they are actually rather useful for CS:GO where they can fill in after a player leaves a competitive match. This is not the case in other modern competitive shooters where the players just have to make do with one teammate less in such situations.

Therefore, the players in CS:GO had a safety net, not only because the match would proceed as 5v5, but because a dead player could take over the bot, provided they died before the AI, effectively giving them another life in the round.

The idea is fantastic in its roots but Cobra effect kicked in and the community started abusing the feature eventually. Namely, teams would often kick the weakest player on the roster so a bot could jump in. As a result, a better performing player could have an additional chance while the player that didn't have a great day will continue to have a worse one after not being able to complete the match.

While the patch notes that announced the bots' departure didn't specify why it happened, many are speculating this is the reason why Valve decided to remove a feature that is extremely useful otherwise.

Even without another player assuming control of the bot, these AI allies could sometimes produce wonderful players, as seen on the clip above.

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