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"Toss a coin to your Witcher" song has been modded to the original game

Published: 17:37, 03 January 2020
screenshot from netflix withcher showing jaskier
Sadly, Jaskier won't be following you around

The Witcher TV series on Netflix features a song named Toss a coin to your Witcher, which many find incredibly catchy. If you're one of the fans, you can now play the original game with a song playing in the background.

A couple of weeks ago, the highly anticipated The Witcher TV series officially premiered on Netflix. The first season brings eight episodes and Geralt and his pal Jaskier, who you may know as Dandelion from the games, are the series main stars.

As Geralt takes on monster contracts and wanders around the world, Jaskier has come up with a song to keep the adventure fun. Named "Toss a coin to your Witcher" the song has become quite popular ever since the show released on Netflix. We have to say, it sounds a bit too modern for our taste and we prefer The Witcher 3's The Wolven Storm but who are we to judge anyway.

If you like the song and still play The Witcher games, you'll be happy to hear that modders have released a mod, which brings the Dandelion's ballad from Netflix Witcher to the first part of Geralt's adventures from CD Projekt RED. 

It's a cutscene which features Dandelion who sings his creation to a number of characters in one of the buildings in the game. You can see a screenshot from the cutscene in the image below.

Gamers Nexus screenshot from the witcher 1 mod Dandelion presents his singing skills to the public

Earlier this week, Toss a coin to your Witcher also debuted as a playable song in Beat Saber, which tells just how popular the song is at the moment. The modder hub997 also plans to add other songs from the show as well as alternative cutscenes with a song from Alzur's Legacy.

You can download the cutscene for The Witcher on .

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