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Three Crysis games will now be Xbox One backwards compatible

Published: 21:30, 17 October 2018
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Crysis 3

Microsoft are working to catch up with the exclusive roster of games on PlayStation 4 it seems. They have pulled an unorthodox move where they brought Crysis, one of the graphical wonders of a past era to the current gen of Xbox consoles.

While PlayStation 4 players might be feasting their eyes on exotic areas in Uncharted series, they actually can't play any of the titles from Crysis series, as they are only compatible with PlayStation 3. It was a similar case with Xbox consoles as well until recently, but the Xbox guy himself, Lawrence "Larry" Hryb, announced that Crysis, Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 will now be backwards compatible on Xbox One.

This came as a welcome , as players have long been worried about backwards compatibility that rendered some classics unplayable on newer generations of consoles. While Sony are rolling out new exclusives rather frequently, Microsoft seem to have set their sights on matching their competition as they announced acquisition of several studios on E3 2018.

They might not stop there as revisiting older games and bringing them up to the contemporary consoles seems to have become a trend in the company. While Crysis series was never hailed as the best shooting game series, pretty much everyone knows about the hype surrounding their graphics.

For example, Crysis 3 plenty of beautiful sights, even though the game is five years old now, while it's even harder to believe that the  is over a decade old. It remains to be seen how good the graphics will actually look on Xbox One, since it will be simply emulating the Xbox 360 version.

EA Picture of a dude in a nano suit in Crysis Crysis

This may mean there will be no 4K support, but there is currently no official statement regarding the games' maximum resolution. They are expected to run in 60 FPS though, as Xbox One boasts superior specification over Xbox 360. Still, if you haven't had a chance to try these games out, it would be recommended to do so on PC, for the full graphics glory and all.

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