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The Witcher 3's best mod gets even better with next-gen version

Published: 15:32, 29 December 2020
The Witcher 3 screenshot showing improvements to textures
The Witcher 3 - HD Reworked Project Next-gen mod

The Witcher 3 modder Halk Hogan is working on a brand new version of his HD Reworked Project for The Witcher 3. This new "next-gen" mod brings many improvements to ugly-looking original textures.

The Witcher 3 modding community has been quite active ever since the game officially released back in 2015, releasing some pretty spectacular mods that significantly enhance both the gameplay and the visuals.

One of these mods is HD Reworked Project by modder Halk Hogan, who replaced the majority of the game's ugly textures with high-quality, 4K assets, which of course, makes the game look stunning on PC. Halk released many version of this mod, reworking Novigrad, Velen, Skellige and the DLC area Toussaint. 

Today, he announced a brand new version of his HD Reworked Project mod with a title "next-gen". Halk says that he is currently working on the update but also awaiting a response from CD Projekt Red regarding possible cooperation on The Witcher 3 next-gen port for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. 

Halk showcased the new version of HD Reworked Project in the latest video and as you can see below, his focus was on some pretty ugly fruit textures that can be found in Novigrad and other places with food vendors.

 It's safe to say that this is simply stunning work and it deserves the praise from whole The Witcher 3 PC community. We really hope that CD Projekt Red recognize Halk's effort and perhaps, add his work to the official next-gen patch for The Witcher 3. It's the least they can do, to be honest.

Halk also revealed plans to rework Cyberpunk 2077, which as he says looks beautiful but still suffers from some pretty bad textures and assets.

You can download HD Reworked Project mod over on NexusMods and support the project on Patreon .

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