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Witcher 3 will get HDR support on PlayStation 4 Pro, CD Projekt Red confirms

Published: 15:42, 29 March 2018
CD Projekt RED
Geralt of Rivia holding a bunch of severed monster heads
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Three years after it's release, Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and it's expansions will finally get an HDR Patch for the PlayStation 4 Pro after being teased by CDPR. It will take a bit more time as CD Projekt Red works out the kinks in the system.

On 27 March 2018, CD Projekt Red Community Lead Marcin Momot talked a little about their plans for HDR support on the PlayStation 4 Pro version of The Witcher 3. He announced in a tweet that the team is still working on bringing the patch as soon as possible.

A couple of months ago, CDPR stated that they would look into the possibility of updating the game for HDR support. With HDR, the game will have improved shadows, ambient occlusion, higher resolution textures, 4k support with a dynamic resolution supporting 1080p to 4k.

CD Projekt RED Geralt talking to a tavern patron The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

In a tweet, Marcin Momot, the CDPR Community Lead, stated this week that after a couple of months of silence the patch for the visual upgrade was still being developed, but that there were bugs and other such issues occurring and delaying the release. He assured fans that CDPR will do their best to finish it as quickly and as effectively as possible, but urged fans to have a "little bit more patience."

Not only will the expansion packs feature the improved visuals, but also the standalone game as well. Apart from improving the visuals, the patch will bring significant technical tweaks which will improve the players' overall experience of the game.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt released in 2015 and was universally acclaimed. It currently holds the record for most awarded game of all time, with over 250 awards in it's release year. CDPR even stated that the game has gotten more than 800 awards over the 3 remaining years, jumping way ahead of competition.

In other news, CD Projekt Red have confirmed to be present at E3 this June, and will probably be revealing more information about their other AAA game currently in development, Cyberpunk 2077. We will be covering E3 extensively when the time comes. 

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