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The Persistence will bring sci-fi VR horror to the PSVR

Published: 12:14, 13 March 2017
Updated: 07:42, 28 April 2018
The Persistence

Firesprite, a development studio from Liverpool is working on a new horror game for PS VR. The narrative unfolds on a spaceship called The Persistence, with an expendable crew that you'll probably kill after they all turn against you

And voilà: the spaceship is on a mission to investigate a collapsing star, there's a catastrophe, a computer tries to help and makes an even bigger mess because the plot needs it to. Now, there are space zombies chasing you.

Firesprite The Persistence The Persistence

The ship is procedurally generated, and the layout changes with every player death. Death is an important aspect of the game because it lets the player implement various upgrades to the character. The upgrades are collected using the Stem Cell Harvester, which also kills the poor bastards. Some more thematic weapons are also available, with conventional firearms to boot.

Firesprite The Persistence The Persistence

An interesting addition will be the option to activate the smartphone companion app which lets the players in the vicinity "log in to the ship’s computer to view the level layout and identify upcoming threats or items."

Whether they'll prove helpful and steer the player onto the right path, or be a bunch of sticks in the mud and lead you down a path full of space mutants, it'll be up to them.

The game still has no official release date.

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