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The Survivalists - Expeditions Update brings new trinkets to console

Published: 09:00, 15 July 2021
Updated: 07:57, 15 July 2021
The Survivalists - Expeditions Update out now for consoles
The Survivalists - Expeditions Update out now for consoles

Players on Xbox One, Switch and PlayStation 4 can now dive into The Survivalists' latest update. The Expeditions Update introduces a slew of new trinkets and fresh endgame content.

Team17 just unleashed the brand-new Expeditions Update for their sandbox adventure The Survivalists. The update is now available to players on Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. 

The Expeditions update was already available for PC (via Steam) and will be coming to Apple Arcade pretty soon. 

The Survivalists Expeditions Update trailer

The Survivalists Expeditions Update details

There are now over 40 new trinkets in the game. The players also have the ability to equip four trinkets at a time and go out into the world dealing all kinds of damage: burning your foes and shucking bombs at them expected and encouraged. Crafting is also a big part of the new update, bringing the option to make weapons, tools and buildings.

Four new Taskmasters will spawn on the islands and offer some enticing rewards in exchange for some favours. 

The players won't be alone as the Expeditions update brought five new companion pets and the ability to team up with up to three other Survivalists. Together, you can explore the islands and uncover dangerous wildlife, mythical enemies, and tantalising secrets.

The monkeys are now able to do a bunch of tasks, including protecting your group and gathering resources. Just be sure to ask them nicely.

Players will also get a bestiary where they can record all animals, shells and insects they encounter on their journey. 

Endgame content got some love in the new update as well: there's a new island harbouring more powerful orclings and a miniboss.

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