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The Ascent showcases Nvidia RTX and DLSS in shiny new trailer

Published: 15:22, 01 June 2021
Curve Digital
The Ascent screenshot showing dystopian city
The Ascent lands in 2021

Neon Giant's top-down action RPG The Ascent will launch with ray-traced reflections and shadows as well as Nvidia's popular DLSS tech. The devs released a new trailer to showcase the fancy new visuals.

The Ascent was already looking pretty spectacular but with ray-tracing enabled, those cyberpunk neon lights and reflections will certainly look even more impressive. Today, publisher Curve Digital released a new trailer, showcasing the game's improved graphics thanks to ray-traced reflections and shadows, which are now officially in this top-down action RPG.

The game is also adding Nvidia's mega-popular tech DLSS, to give you an uplift in performance if the ray-tracing visuals become a bit too much for your GPU. Both will be in The Ascent when the game launches in July.

"The Ascent ascends with the addition of NVIDIA DLSS and Ray Tracing! The Ascent will launch with ray-traced reflections and shadows, and NVIDIA DLSS, to deliver the definitive experience for GeForce RTX gamers," Curve Digital say in the announcement.

Curve Digital The Ascent screenshot showing gameplay The Ascent

We have to say that the new trailer does a pretty good job in showcasing just how big this addition is so make sure to definitely check it out if you're interested in this neat-looking action RPG.

The Ascent is officially hitting the shelves on July 29, 2021, for PC via Steam, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. The game will also launch day one on Xbox Game Pass, giving millions of players a chance to try it before purchasing a copy.

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