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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown has been delayed; last-gen version cancelled

Published: 17:06, 18 May 2022
TDU Solar Crown
TDU Solar Crown

Nacon have today revealed that their upcoming racing title Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will no longer launch this year and won't be on PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will now be releasing in 2023, the publisher Nacon confirmed. The dev team KT Racing say that the delay will allow them to make Solar Crown the most polished gaming experience in the franchise as they spend more time on the development.

Additionally, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 version has been completely cancelled. The blog post reveals that in order to make the most out of the technology in the latest consoles and maximise the overall quality of the game, the publisher Nacon decided to no longer develop Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and will be a current-gen exclusive. 

It's not all sad news for the fans of the series since it's also been announced today that Solar Crown will have closed betas before the launch. Yes, betas, you can expect more than one test. More details on this are expected in the coming months as the devs are working on a schedule for the closed betas. 

Nacon TDU Solar Crown TDU Solar Crown

 Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown promises a large open-world driving but also lifestyle experience in a real-world location built at 1:1 scale, which certainly sounds impressive on paper. We can't wait to see some gameplay and cars.

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