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Teamfight Tactics Dawn of Heroes is in with 11.15 patch notes

Published: 01:46, 22 July 2021
Riot Games
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics

There’s just so much to uncover with Dawn of Heroes, like all the rewards you can earn with the Reckoning Pass II and Reckoning Pass+ II, all the new mechanics, and who could forget about the new champions and traits.

First off, we can start with the new skins in town. The fearless fellowship is a collection of high fantasy skins that are as adorable as they are mighty.

"The Fellowship assembles! No longer hiding in the ground, Ironclad Molediver joined the Fellowship to put their melee skills to the test. Whether it's protecting their loot, their lute, or their friends, Draconic Umbra’s in it to declare what is theirs! With this team of adventurers assembling, Verdant Fuwa knew they’d be safer with the healthful skills of… Fuwa!"

After them, in another time, are the wild wild west squink high noon variants. Beware of coming into their crosshairs, you might get a cuteness overdose.

Onto more serious stuff, Dawn of Heroes has two interactive arenas available in bundles and on their own.

Aside from that, we have the Reckoning passes. The Reckoning Pass II works like prior passes; accumulate XP for free rewards. But, for even more rewards, you can purchase the Pass+ II for 1295RP. With the Reckoning Pass+ II, you can gain access to personalization features that are only available in this set. This includes Little Legends, booms, arenas, and more.

As for mechanics, the changes are as follows:

Radiant Items are more powerful versions of regular items that should alter your win condition based on the one you choose.

Choose one Radiant Item from five choices at the 3-6 Armory. Only one can be chosen.

Riot Games Teamfight Tactics - Sad penguin Teamfight Tactics - Sad penguin

The Divine Blessing drops when your Little Legend dips below 40 health.

The Divine Blessing grants a high amount of immediate value, offering a combination of the following: items (components), gold, consumables, Spatula, champions.

All players will get the same essential content in their Blessing.

The Tome has a chance of dropping from the Divine Blessing, but you may also find some books to “borrow” from PvE encounters.

The Tome of Traits can be sold to bring up a shop of four emblems to choose from. These emblems can be for any trait, including ones that can’t be built by Spatulas.

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