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Otherside Entertainment release System Shock 3 trailer & images

Published: 11:35, 19 March 2019
Otherside Entertainment
Picture of some human jacking on in System Shock 3
System Shock 3

Otherside Entertainment have released the first trailer and screenshots from System Shock 3 giving the fans a few hints on what the game might look like once it is released. The trailer is in-engine, pre-alpha footage so mind your hype.

Otherside Entertainment have released the first screenshots for the upcoming System Shock 3, all of which you can preview in the gallery below or in the ultra wide format on the official website.

Judging by these , it seems like Otherside managed to nail the atmosphere many fans fell in love with back in the days of System Shock 2 but considering that the game is so early in development, namely pre-alpha, it is fair to say they may not represent the final product.

The same goes for the trailer shown above, but once again, keep in mind that this is pre-alpha footage that rendered in engine and not actual gameplay. It is a teaser video so make sure you don't get overhyped lest you get disappointed when the final product arrives.

That said, Otherside didn't reveal the release date or even a release window yet but they did say System Shock 3 is about halfway done in the same where they stated the developers were splitting ways with Starbreeze Studios due to the latter's issues.

For those unaware, Starbreeze Studios entered severe financial problems in late 2018 due to the company putting its hopes in Overkill's The Walking Dead which performed as well as a Coca Cola in a weight loss diet. Furthermore, Starbreeze faced more issues as the former CEO Bo Anderson was investigated for insider trading, followed by raids on the company offices and headquarters by the Swedish Economic Crime Authority.

Otherside Entertainment Picture of some stiff humans in System Shock 3 System Shock 3

Back to the topic of System Shock 3's development, some fans are worried it might fare as bad as Underworld Ascendant, but the fact that Warren Spector is overseeing the development of a sequel to his brainchild may be able to tip the scales and allow for a successful game to be developed.

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