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System Shock 3 now has a publisher

Published: 15:18, 15 March 2017
System Shock 3

OtherSide Entertainment gets $12 million and complete control over the System Shock property

After signing on Double Fine for Psychonauts 2 recently, Starbreeze Studios has now acquired publishing privileges for the long awaited System Shock sequel.

Starbreeze will be fronting $12 million and recouping the investment with 20 per cent on top, while OtherSide will be keeping al the IP rights to the System Shock series. The two companies will be splitting profits down the middle after the investment has been repaid.

Between the console-centric looking System Shock remake by and a full fledged with Warren Spector on the way - after close to two decades of spiritual successors - interesting times lay ahead for one of the longest running franchises in gaming.

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