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Switch will help Nintendo beat Microsoft on the console market in 2018

Published: 20:07, 07 March 2018
A docked Nintendo Switch and a Joy-Con Grip with two Joy-Con controllers inside
Nintendo Switch

The fluffiest of the fluffylitarian gaming companies, Nintendo, may outdo Microsoft on the console market in 2018, industry sources claim, as Switch continues to rip into both Xbox and PlayStation 4 numbers. Ouch.

Market research firm IHS Markit's analysis revealed that Xbox hardware and services raked in upwards of $10 billion for Microsoft in 2017. In contrast, around $8 billion was spent on Nintendo's stuff, but there's more to this. 

Namely, take into account that Nintendo's numbers have doubled since 2016, whereas spending on Microsoft's console related products has slightly decreased in the same time frame.

Microsoft Black Xbox One console against a black bacground Xbox One

Other than their Switch platform, Nintendo's numbers were significantly boosted by as well as those of 3DS. Moreover, it is said that the Switch sales will eventually be eating away at both Xbox and PlayStation sales, seeing as how they're nearing the end of their cycles to begin with.

Projected figures for 2018 point at Nintendo going beyond the $11 billion mark, whereas Microsoft will drop to around $9 million. Of course, this is nowhere near Sony's PlayStation numbers, but we're sure Nintendo ain't quitting either.

Rare Animated character walking on a road that leads into a jungle Sea Of Thieves

We're not sure whether the report took into account the launch of Rare's Sea of Thieves, which is a highly anticipated Microsoft exclusive, or some other equally as hot titles. Either way, we should know soon enough and seeing as how it's going to be a good year for gaming - we're sure we'll benefit either way.

To be fair, Nintendo did say they want everyone in the world to be one happy smiling Switch owning camper. They didn't say whether we'll need uniforms and haircuts to match, or whether we'll have to learn some songs when that time comes.

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