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Nintendo Switch outsells GameCube, Wii U, so Wii more to go

Published: 10:38, 30 October 2018
Nintendo's Switch console with red Joy-Cons attached

Just like Sony, as well as Microsoft for that matter, Nintendo reported some strong financial results, announcing that the Switch has officially outsold the GameCube and of course the Wii U, even if the latter isn't much of a compliment.

Much like their arch-enemy's , Nintendo reported strong software sales with Super Mario Odyssey absolutely blowing away the in-house competition, having sold more than 12 million since its launch in October 2017. Mario Tennis Aces sold more than 2 million since its June launch while Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze managed around 1.7 million since May.

Nintendo flogged some 22.86 million Switches so far, which is more than a million more than GameCube's 21.74 million. The Switch was nearing the 20 million milestone already so we guess it was a nice final stretch.

Well, final may not be the right word, especially since Nintendo's little guy has plenty more to go, having launched in March 2017. In fact, market repots estimate that the little guy's popularity in Japan means it's  PlayStation 4 sales there.

As for the rest of the in-house offer though, the Switch will have its work cut out for it when marching at the mighty Wii, which sits at the helm of Nintendo's most popular consoles with a staggering 101.6 million units sold. Even if the Switch managed to keep this tempo of sales up, it would still need four more years to catch up with it.

The rest of Nintendo's milestones aren't too shabby either, as the Wii is followed by Nintendo 64's nearly 33, NES's 61.9 and SNES's 49.1 million. Nintendo is still planning on selling 20 million in the year ending on 31 March 2019, which at the moment seems a bit on the steep side.

Nintendo Nintendo Wii Nintendo Wii, the little guy that could

Nevertheless, Nintendo managed some strong results without any major launches and should the company step it up, we guess the Switch could still match their goals. Even if it doesn't however, the little guy already boosted company profits , so onwards and upwards.

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