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Steam Star Wars Collection Sale in time for Rogue One Premiere

Published: 18:56, 16 December 2016
Updated: 10:51, 17 December 2016
Star Wars - Collection

The savings are strong with this one, on the Light side with Rogue One premiere

A Star Wars Collection is on sale until December the 19th. The Collection consists of a wide range of games set in the Star Wars universe. The offer includes 14 games, with the eldest in the bunch being Dark Forces from 1995, and the newest The Force Unleashed II, which came out in 2010. Empire At War, Knights of the Old Republic, Battlefront II and Republic Commando are also up for grabs.

If you were to buy every game offered in the Collection separately, you would be set back some £130. Luckily, Steam, that most generous of deities, is giving you a  so you'll only have to pay £20. And right on time for Christmas as well! 

Star Wars: Battlefront II Star Wars: Battlefront II



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