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Steam Link adds streaming to devices for local multiplayer

Published: 15:23, 14 October 2018
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Thanks to a pesky AMD driver crash, Valve have been forced to update their Steam client twice, but the incoming changes are quite tasty, especially for Steam Link owners who can now play local co-op by streaming to multiple devices.

The update has a bunch of general changes, such as addition of Vietnamese and Latin American Spanish as client UI languages, but the most interesting batch of changes seems to reserved for Steam Link. Well, at least when it comes to gaming-specific side of things.

Valve revealed that Steam Link can now pull off streaming to multiple devices simultaneously for some local multiplayer carnage. Note that this will require a high quality 5GHz WiFi network, but the option is interesting no doubt.

Another feature worth noting is that you can "use your Android phone as a touch controller for games by tapping to disable audio and video in the Steam Link app". In case you thought you can get rid of your phone while you're gaming. Just when I thought I was out...

As for the non-Steam Link changes, Valve tweaked a few things on the new Steam Chat, such as adding a mute key in open mic voice transmission mode. You can also test your mic out in friends voice settings and there's also the warning-like "don't try to start chat or open the friends list if Steam is started in offline mode". Hey Valve, I think you forgot "or else".

Back to Steam Link for a moment, the company also fixed streaming issues from the Big Picture overlay by switching up the UDP ports it uses. The protocol will now use 27031-27036 UDP ports. Speaking of Big Picture, Valve had few other fixes for it too, addressing custom controller layouts and controllers.

Valve Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Steam controllers Steam controllers

Most of the remaining changes are reserved for Steam Input and Valve has almost a dozen tweaks, many of which are centred around specific gamepad functionalities, chiefly Nintendo Switch Pro and Sony PlayStation 4.

You can check out all the changes in Valve's full patch notes .

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