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State of Play officially announced but won't feature God of War Ragnarok

Published: 14:45, 06 July 2021
Updated: 14:46, 06 July 2021
PlayStation State of Play confirmed but won't feature God of War Ragnarok
PlayStation State of Play confirmed but won't feature God of War Ragnarok

Sony have officially announced PlayStation State of Play for Thursday, July 8, 2021. The event will include a deep dive on Deathloop and other third-party titles. As for God of War and Horizon Forbidden West, these two won't be there.

The next PlayStation State of Play live stream will focus mostly on Bethesda's Deathloop , Sony confirmed. The publisher made it clear in the announcement that the first-party heavy hitters like SIE Santa Monica's God Of War Ragnarok and Guerilla Games' Horizon Forbidden West  will not be showcased during the show but players can expect more updates on these titles later this summer.

This time, Sony want to focus on other games like the already mentioned Deathloop, some exciting indie and third-party titles. The show clock in around 30 minutes, which certainly is not much and could disappoint many PlayStation fans but let's wait and see, shall we?

Arkane Deathloop artwork showing main protagonists Deathloop is getting a nine-minute showcase at PlayStation State of Play

Sony say that the Deathloop showcase will feature an extended gameplay sequence, where we will see the protagonist Cole using his abilities to "stealthily skulk across rooftops or go in guns blazing to create a whole lot of mayhem".

We have to say that it's quite strange to see Sony giving a proper State of Play showcase to Xbox Game Studios title. 

The show will officially kick off at 2:00 PM Pacific / 5:00 PM Eastern / 11:00 PM CEST and you can watch it live on Sony's Twitch or  YouTube channel.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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