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Star Wars Republic Commando is coming to PlayStation 4 in April

Published: 18:09, 24 February 2021
Aspyr Media
Star Wars Republic Commando
Star Wars Republic Commando

Star Wars Republic Commando is on its way to PlayStation 4. The remaster will offer a bunch of new trophies. Aspyr Media's dev team has updated the game to feel modern on the new controllers.

Star Wars Republic Commando is coming to PlayStation 4 this April. Aspyr Media's tactical shooter will be arriving to PlayStation 4 for the first time on April 6 and yes, a platinum trophy will be included.

Star Wars Republic Commando issues the players a blaster rifle and assigns them a squad of elite clone troopers. The squad commands serve to add a tactical layer to the FPS.

You’ll play as Delta Squad leader RC-1138, AKA Delta Three-Eight, AKA "Boss," and directing your squad to victory will be your top priority.

The winning manoeuvres that can turn the tide of a battle include commands to perform special tasks like demolitions or door breaches, search and destroy commands, and calls for your squad to form-up behind you. Another perk of being the "Boss" - your squad can revive you during battle.

Fans of the mega-popular TV show Star Wars: The Clone Wars will recognise the Delta Squad which made its first appearance in the episode "Witches From the Mist." Fun fact: this is the first appearance of a clone commando unit in that series.

The Delta Squad also has a more meta connection to the Star Wars universe; Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and fearless Delta Squad leader Delta Three-Eight have all been voiced by Temuera Morrison, who recently reprised the role of Boba Fett in season two of The Mandalorian.

Star Wars Republic Commando's controls have been given a new coat of paint and now they feel right at home on the DualShock 4 and DualSense controllers (playable on PS5 via backwards compatibility).

New trophies await. As you make your way through the game you’ll earn trophies for everything: from completing campaigns to fending off droids. One fun trophy will be given to the neat freaks out there, who take special care of their tactical visors.

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