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Star Wars Eclipse is reportedly having development issues

Published: 08:37, 24 December 2021
Quantic Dreams
Star Wars Eclipse is Quantic Dream's new title
Star Wars Eclipse is Quantic Dream's new title

Quantic Dream's newly announced action-adventure title Star Wars Eclipse may be having development problems according to latest rumours.

A couple of weeks ago at The Game Awards 2021 show, Quantic Dream officially revealed their brand new upcoming title named Star Wars Eclipse. Sadly, we didn't get much other than a couple of details and a CGI trailer, which is more like a hiring ad than an actual showcase for the game. 

Also, we don't know anything about a release date nor how exactly will Star Wars Eclipse play which may suggest that the game is still a long way from launch.

And according to rumours, Quantic Dream may have problems with the development of the game and staffing. Insider Tom Henderson  reveals that Star Wars Eclipse initially started as an MMORPG named Project Karma that was pitched to Sony who rejected the project in favour of Detroit Become Human.

The developer then reused the assets from Karma and pitched the project as a Star Wars game to Lucas Games. 

Soon after the release of Detroid Become Human, Quantic Dream were looking to sell the studio to get more resources for the project but the workplace accusations drove away potential buyers. 

Quantic Dream 3D animated man with half the face in the shadows The game is built on Detroit: Become Human's engine

At the moment, the studio allegedly still don't have a playable version of the game, even though, the development has been going on for 18 months. Apparently, the issues are tied to the engine which is not scaling well to support multiplayer and is mostly designed for small, Detroid Become Human-like confined levels. 

While this does seem plausible to say the least, we suggest you take these claims with a huge grain of salt just like every other rumour or unconfirmed report.

The game has just been announced so perhaps we should wait for more concrete info about the state of development before making any conclusions. 

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