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Star Wars: KOTOR remake won't be handled by EA, to be a timed exclusive

Published: 08:54, 13 September 2021
Lucasfilm Games
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake

EA's awful handling of the Star Wars license seems to be showing results as they apparently have nothing to do with KOTOR remake while the game seems to have already raked in a bunch of revenue from Sony.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a beloved game from the galaxy far far away, developed by BioWare and published Electronic Arts. EA later bought BioWare and owns it to this day so when KOTOR remake was still a rumour, everyone just assumed the same duo will be handling development and publishing but it appears this will not happen.

Sony's showcase provided a teaser for the upcoming remake recently and both EA and BioWare logos were curiously missing. This caught eye of countless fans and when Geoff Keighley tried to inquire about studios and publishers involved, EA rep responded with a glorified pile of nothing that obviously avoided actually answering the question. In other words, if they were involved, EA would be tooting that horn like there is no tomorrow and it is not the case here.

Considering the awful treatment of the Star Wars license through the Battlefront games, it was only a matter of time when Disney would turn to someone else to create games in the fabled setting. Ubisoft recently picked up the rights for an open-world game and it looks like Lucasfilm Games is helming the KOTOR remake itself.

It remains to be seen how KOTOR remake will be handled entirely since BioWare did originally create the game in 2003 and the terms of the licensing agreement are not public knowledge.

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