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Blizzard makes Stan Lee an NPC in World of Warcraft

Published: 09:26, 10 January 2019
Stan Lee in Stormwind Keep from World of Warcraft
World of Warcraft, Stan Lee walking around

Activision Blizzard seem to be making a habit out of commemorating some sorely missed individuals and after Robin Williams, the company now made a non-playing character of Stan Lee in World of Warcraft and it can be found in Stormwind Keep.

Unlike with Williams though, whose appearance hinted at the role of Genie in Aladdin, Blizzard went with a more realistic depiction for Stan Lee. Not that we didn't enjoy the "Infinite cosmic power! Itty bitty living space" reference, even if Blizzard took the creative liberty to replace "Phenomenal" with "Infinite". 

Back to the matter at hand. World of Warcraft's patch 8.1.5 on the Public Test Realm has Stan Lee roaming around Stormwind Keep. In case his unmistakeable appearance isn't enough though, he occasionally throws out an Excelsior, so yeah - it's not just any jolly ol' chap.

Blizzard seem to have gone all out too as they've made three models for Stan, probably making sure there's an appropriate model for all situations. Note however that at the moment, the man was only spotted in Stormwind Keep although we've no doubt World of Warcraft players will sniff him out quickly should he appear elsewhere.

As you can see, Stan Lee's outfit from Stormwind Keep is obviously Terran. Oops, did I say Terran? I meant the Alliance. There's a Horde-flavoured Stan Lee too though and Blizzard seem to have opted for a neutral human peasant outfit as well.

Now, Stan Lee's impact has been undeniable with his creations even switching mediums and blowing through box office records like it's nobody's business. Even though he saw a few less than stellar attempts at Spider-Man games, he lived to see Spidey become one of the most popular games around, having secured the bragging rights on other mediums long time ago. Stan Lee's other two models from World of Warcraft World of Warcraft, Stan Lee

Blizzard now made sure that the man's legacy lives in World of Warcraft as well, which is a nice touch and certainly among the best ways to commemorate the life and work of an absolute giant that was Stan Lee.

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