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Stack Up! (or dive trying) release date announced - coming soon to PC

Published: 16:30, 05 July 2021
Updated: 15:01, 05 July 2021
Stack Up (or dive trying) release date announced
Stack Up (or dive trying) release date announced

PixelConflict is breaking onto the scene with Stack Up! (or dive trying). The indie platformer will get its players to strategize and try to beat the clock, as well as ever-rising water levels.

Stack Up! (or dive trying) release date

No, 50 Cent isn't trying to break into the gaming industry again. Stack Up! (or dive trying) was developed by an Italian indie studio PixelConflict and it is looking at a full release on Steam on July 16.

Stack Up! (or dive trying) details

The game is a colourful stack-em-up platformer that has its players try to beat the clock and escape the sudden flood that threatens their very lives and hairstyles.

One moment, the players will be chilling in their living rooms, when, suddenly the pipes in their home burst. In a bid to save their own skin, they have to pile their furniture as high as possible - or take a dive.

Stack Up! boasts a bright and charming vibe elevated by the game's colourful art scheme and cheerful music. 

The upcoming platformer can be played solo or in an online multiplayer setting where you can challenge your friends to a friendly match of "how high can you heap?"

Stack Up! (or dive trying) also offers a variety of difficulty levels ranging from "easy" and "medium", all the way to "hard". The difficulty levels come with their own ever faster-rising water levels, accelerated building mechanics, falling power-ups and more. The most dedicated players can track their success in Stack Up’s "Heightscores".

Stack Up! (or dive trying) features

Strategy - Stack Up! will throw all kinds of furniture at the hapless homeowners. Expect unique items such as spawners, trampolines and sticky desks. Precision will be the name of the game, and a bit of luck never hurt anyone.

‘Heightscores’ & Seasonal Rewards - The most aptly named "Heightscore" leaderboard will display the names of the best players. Seasonal Rewards will be doled out to the players who tape their record-breaking runs and share them with the developers. The first competitive season runs from launch day until September 1.

 Cosmetics - Stack Up! (or dive trying) will feature unlockable boxes with some unique hats and hammers. The items can be traded with friends.

Stack Up! (or dive trying) will officially launch on Steam for PC on July 16. The game will also be featured in this year's DreamHack Beyond Indie Showcase starting July 24.

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