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Sony PlayStation 5 event reportedly set for early June

Published: 15:21, 27 May 2020
artwork showing DualSense controller for ps5

According to reliable insider Jason Schreier, Sony are planning a PlayStation 5 game reveal event for next Wednesday, June 3 2020. Other PS5 events may follow in the coming weeks and months.

After many rumours and speculation, it looks like we have a firm date for Sony's next-generation games showcase. Bloomberg's Jason Schreier , a reliable insider and gaming journalist reports that as things stand, the event should take place on June 3 2020.

Of course, things can still change due to coronavirus pandemic but this date looks more solid than other, previous dates that have been floating around for weeks now. Schreier confirms that Sony plan to showcase PlayStation 5 games during the first event but do not expect to see every essential detail on the console next week.

This is probably reserved for other upcoming events that may follow in the coming weeks and months. 

Sony Playstation image Plenty of PS4 games on the way for the remainder of May 2020

As always, we should wait for the official confirmation from Sony since the event has already been delayed several times before. The Japanese tech giant have been pretty quiet on the next-gen games but hopefully, that will change next week since PlayStation fans have been craving for more reveals.

Sony's biggest rival Microsoft also plan a major next-gen showcase but for July 2020. This gives Sony a great opportunity to turn the next-gen tide in their favour if their upcoming event brings some spectacular titles, such as the rumoured Spider-Man 2.

PlayStation Classic, Sony's blast from the past in new clothing

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