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Sony are finally enabling PS5 SSD storage expansion in today's beta update

Published: 11:13, 29 July 2021
PlayStation 5's M.2 bay for expanding storage
PS5's M.2 bay - four sizes supported

PlayStation 5's internal M.2 SSD expansion feature is set to be enabled by Sony via an upcoming PS5 system software update, though, it will only be available to beta users.

After a long wait, PlayStation 5 owners will finally be able to upgrade their storage with compatible M.2 SSD devices. Sony today announced that a new system update will start rolling out today and will be available to beta users in certain regions. 

Sony reiterated that you should use a supported M.2 SSD to expand your PS5 console storage so make sure you’re using an M.2 SSD that meets the requirements as listed on the official website

It's also worth mentioning that this is just a beta update so the final specifications may change ahead of the official system software release.

The beta firmware update is also live now in some regions and aside from M.2 SSD support, it also brings a couple of other neat additions including 3D Audio support for TV speakers, UX improvements and some customisation options as well. 

The Verge also reports that thanks to the update, Control Center can be more personalized (rearrange controls etc) and Sony also updated Friends Tab, while the PS4/5 game versions are now separated on the home screen.

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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PlayStation 5

For more PlayStation 5 news, check out the latest console sales update from Sony, who revealed that PlayStation 5 has managed to sell ten million units since its launch. 

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