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Sony are cracking down on insiders who leak info about PlayStation games

Published: 13:54, 28 June 2021
Sony Interactive Entertainment
Kratos string down the Midgard Serpent
Kratos and Atreus meeting the Midgard Serpent

One of the biggest and most reliable PlayStation insiders, ResetEra member Navtra, have closed their account on popular gaming forum ResetEra, worrying about being identified after leaking too much information.

Let's face it, leaks are inevitable in the gaming industry and will always be a part of it. No matter how hard some publishers tried to purge insiders, from time to time, secret information will surface on 4chan, Reddit, Discord or some other gaming forum.

While there's plenty of insiders that share secret stuff from Xbox and Activision, not a lot of them have access to PlayStation information. There's Navtra, the famous ResetEra insider that most recently revealed Final Fantasy Origins before Square Enix's show and that's about it. 

And it seems that the PlayStation community could lose Navtra too since the insider decided to close their account on the popular forum, worrying that Sony could identify them after leaking too much information via the popular gaming forum.

It seems that Sony are cracking down on leakers and insiders pretty hard which probably suggests they have big plans for the summer and don't want anyone spoiling their big surprises. 

SONY A white Sony PlayStation logo on a black background PlayStation

Sony's big summer games showcase is still only a rumour since the publisher did not confirm anything just yet but it would be weird if they decide to skip this year, especially with the amazing Xbox and Bethesda showcase, which totally took the spotlight.

The rumoured PlayStation event could feature games like God of War, Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo and other surprises. Hopefully, we'll get the first details about the show very soon.

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