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Sodapoppin says streamers can't grow on Twitch by playing games anymore

Published: 11:18, 14 January 2022
Updated: 11:37, 14 January 2022
Sodapoppin via dotesports
Sodapoppin screengrab

Popular streamer Sodapoppin says that he should just react to videos and stay under Just Chatting.

Ever since Twitch started to allow non-gaming streams on the platform, Just Chatting has been one of the most popular categories on the platform, beating even mega-popular titles such as League of Legends.

Some may find it disappointing that a platform that was once solely focused on gaming is exploring new ways to attract even more viewers but it is what it is. Viewers usually seem to prefer streams where streamers react to other people's videos or those that have a bit of controversy to them, instead of the traditional gameplay videos.

One of the streamers that seem to understand that Twitch has changed and that focusing on games won't be enough to make it on the popular platform is Sodapoppin. In one of his recent streams, one subscriber asked Sodapopping if he will play Monster Hunter Rise which was recently released on PC.

"How big is this game [Monster Hunter Rise] on Twitch? I don't think it even matters anymore because the Just Chatting section is so f****** big and that's all that matters right now on Twitch," he explained. "You can't actually grow as a streamer by playing games, you will stay where you are permanently."

Steamcharts Just Chatting is the most popular Twitch category Just Chatting is the most popular Twitch category

Sodapoppin checked the Monster Hunter Rise category on Twitch to find out that those who stream it are not doing well which made him realise that if he started streaming Capcom's title, he would be doing it purely for fun which is not good for business and a good decision for business would be to react to videos.

"Looks like no one is really doing well so if I played this game it would be purely not a business decision but a personal decision to try it out. That sounds really stupid to do so business-wise, I should not play Monster Hunter. Instead I should react to videos and stay under Just Chatting."

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