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Japanese modders have made Skyrim play like Dark Souls

Published: 22:27, 18 April 2018
Mashup of the Dragonborn from Skyrim and the death screen from Dark Souls.
Skyrim Dark Souls mashup

Modders have made made another change that is a vast improvement to the vanilla Skyrim systems. This time around it's combat overhaul that makes Skyrim play just like Dark Souls, complete with combat rolls, Estus Flasks and risky attacks.

There are many combat mods for Skyrim such as  or   as well as mods that add completely new mechanics to the game such as the and but the spotlight will go to the Dark Souls mod for Skyrim this time around. 

The video above shows a complete overhaul of combat mechanics on the player's side, UI and items. It pretty much copied Dark Souls, which is the polar opposite of Skyrim - it's somewhat linear, has a subtle narrative and amazing combat. Skyrim on the other hand is anything but linear, has narrative even on radiant quests and awful combat.

Bethesda Dragonborn is charging a massive spider with his two handed axe. Skyrim

It appears some of these modders decided to take the best out of both worlds and go crazy with Skyrim's modding potential. It resulted in a highly entertaining video presentation where the player first goes mano a mano with a puny bandit. As it turns out, even the puny bandit does serious damage if he lands a hit on the player.

After disposing of the brave, but puny outlaw, the player upped the ante and fought two Draemora at once. This proved to be much more of a challenge, reminding players of the dread they faced with Ornstein and Smough. The Draemora tag team fell in the end but with a significant increase in difficulty.

Bethesda A player has died in Skyrim while playing with Dark Souls mod and the game is informing them of their demise Skyrim - Dark Souls mod includes the inevitable death screen

Now, what would a Dark Souls mod be without a boss fight? The last challenge was a Giant, a powerful foe that could one-shot players even in vanilla Skyrim. The video demonstrated the much needed ability to dodge the giant's powerful attacks but a drop in concentration caused the player to deplete stamina and fail one dodge which resulted in their demise. What would a Dark Souls mod be without the screen pictured above?

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