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Sentinel Little Legends and Sentinel Initiative arrives

Published: 02:24, 29 July 2021
Riot Games
Craggle's hero entrance spearheads the Initiative
Craggle's hero entrance spearheads the Initiative

Sentinel Starter Bundles bring new Little Legends while the Sentinel Initiative gives Riot a way to give back. Sentinel mania has not been absent from TFT either, and new Sentinels join the fray.

With all the excitement around the Sentinels of Light, it’s no wonder a group of Little Legends are scrambling to get in on the action via starter bundles coming with patch 11.16. And while they're not fighting Viego, make no mistake—Sentinel Craggle, Flutterbug, and Hauntling have set off on an adventure to find their own noble quest! They just haven’t figured out what that quest is yet.

The Sentinels starter bundles are available starting patch 11.16 and will be around indefinitely. Whether they are worth the money, or not, is up to you to decide.

In the same way, these newest Sentinels are looking for their own adventure, and purpose in life, Riot is trying to give back to the world that made them what they are and help make it a better place.

Starting back on July 8th and ending August 9th, 3-starring any unit (1 to 3-cost = 1 point, 4-cost = 2 points, 5-cost = 5 points) grants points that’ll contribute to the Charity Drive Pool. Every time we hit an increment of a million points together, there will be a donation of an extra $100K—up to $4M total! And it's not just TFT getting in on this initiative, so are other Riot-made games, as well.

Riot Games Riot games that participate in the Initiative Riot games that participate in the Initiative

"While our efforts aren’t going towards combating Viego, the Social Impact Fund does combat deep systemic issues through Education, Opportunity, Citizenship, and Sustainability, which is worth a lot more considering Viego isn’t real (just look at those abs). So, if I didn’t just break your heart revealing Viego’s Runeterra-bound existence, let’s hit the Convergence together and reroll to better our own world!"

With these parting words, Riot are calling on all gamers to join the cause, and help the downtrodden of our world stand on their own two feet.

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